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Building a wood fence...

Whether you're looking for a wood fence, chainlink, or wrought iron, our 25 years of experience can complete the project just as you picture it for your property!

We specialize in Redwood, tongue and groove fences for privacy!   We also build red wood 1 x 6 dog eared fences , our most sturdy and cost effective fence. We also specialize in gates Walk gates, double driveway gates, rolling gates with metal frames.   Also for added privacy we use redwood lattice to add height and beauty for privacy.  also in certain cases we will set metal posts for wood fences for those moist areas where you would find rot. There is nothing that we cannot do when it comes to a wood fence. You will find that there is nothing that we cannot do when it comes to a wood fence, Including hand rails made out


We specialize in ALL types of chain link also.  Whether it be for security privacy to keep dogs in to keep dogs out, We have the ability to build baseball diamonds and rolling gates. Remote control gates. We work with barbed wire and razor ribbon. We also build small walk gates as well as attached snake mesh. rabbit mesh chicken mesh for those critters you want to keep in  or out of your yard. We also construct dog runs, some with roofs some with no roofs. As well as horse corral fences. There is nothing that we can't do with chain link.  P.S. We also install bumper posts to protect all your property and all of your fences.


We are really experienced in wrought iron all of our wrought iron products are powder coated and rust proof.  We use a 14 gauge metal which is built to resist all the tuff weather elements. We build all types including Aristo (Spears) For security as well as your basic wrought iron with any type of design in it.  We have often matched and copied a fence off of a customers picture!  We can match any color and have it powder coated as well. We build rolling gates , walk gates motorized remote controlled gates as well as hand rails.